Mobo Wobo 2-in-1 Added to Toy Insider Top List of 2020

Mobo Wobo 2-in-1 Added to Toy Insider Top List of 2020

The Mobo Wobo 2-in-1 Rocking Baby Balance Bike made the cut for The 15th Annual Toy Insider’s Holiday Gift Guide! The selections cover the best toys, games and activities for children of all ages. Backed by Adventure Media and Events, they have over 100 years of experience in the industry.

That's some high praise! They spent countless hours putting these toys through their paces, so you don't have to. You can trust that their selections are worth the cost, and a blast for your children.

The Mobo Wobo 2-in-1 Rocking Baby Balance Bike is so much more than a toy. It is an award-winning bike designed for children ages 1-3.

Mobo's innovative base teaches kids to rock, walk, and ride. Built with a sturdy metal frame, and multiple safety pads, you can be sure it's safe for your kids. The high quality bearings and light up wheels scream fun for years to come.

Our Rocking Baby Balance Bike grows and evolves with your little one. Being able to switch from rocking, to rolling, to riding means the bike will be there for each stage of development.

As a rocking toy, it teaches balance and allows them to build strength. Switch to a rideable bike, and it helps their first steps and overall body coordination. It's unique design insures stability, while it's adaptability means it's ready for anything.

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