Golden Crown Award Winner and TV Features Promo for Melody

Golden Crown Award Winner and TV Features Promo for Melody

From a child laborer in a family factory without toys and strollers to a king of improved bicycles, from Cinderella with a dusty face and even her classmate's mother told her daughter to "not play with her", to the owner of a medical beauty center, a women's business in Hacienda, Los Angeles County Xie Yuyun has become one of the winners of the 2022 Golden Crown Award of the World Chinese Business Women's Association.

He came to the United States from Taiwan at the age of 17 to work hard. Unlike other young international students, Xie Yuyun’s father was expanding his career in the United States and became an air trapeze between the United States and Taiwan. His mother stayed in Taiwan to manage the factory. Xie Yuyun first arrived in the United States. She took on the role of a mother, taking care of her younger brother while studying in the 12th grade of high school.

Child laborers and Taiwanese immigrants share their stories in the Golden Crown Award-winning novel "Melody".

Xie Yuyuan said, "I was a wild child with messy hair and dirty hands when I was young." She lives near the factory and can still see mice infested while eating. She spent her childhood in the factory. The sound of the punching machine and the tired figure of her mother became her motivation to work hard.

Xie Yuyun said that even though she never felt that she was inferior to others, the opinions of others still had a significant impact on her. When she heard her classmates' mother say "You see how dirty she is, don't play with her," Xie Yuyun felt very sad. She worked harder than ever to live a wonderful life.

She said, "I see my mom working until 12 pm every day, and I want to change the situation even more which strengthened my belief."

From a classmate's mother, Xie Yuyun was told how dirty she was and ostracized by classmates. She worked harder to live a wonderful life even though she never felt that she was inferior to others.

Xie Yuyun did not take over the business of his father's auto parts factory and computer equipment but started his own business. After graduating from high school in the United States, she attended community college for a while, then transferred to Riverside University, and after graduation, she was admitted to the MBA at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, but took a class After dropping out of school.

Around 2001, Xie Yuyun observed that "scooters" were selling well in the United States, so she resolutely gave up her studies and rolled up her sleeves to start a business.

Xie Yuyun once imported scooters from Taiwan and sold them in the US. The orders were full and she was running out of supplies. However, as the popularity of scooters subsided she went bankrupt with a $300,000 turnover. Xie Yuyun found it hard to lower his quality or cut prices, instead of walking away when he couldn't compete.

Xie Yuyun realized that she needed to create her own unique value, so she went back to school and studied more professional knowledge.

Mobo Cruisers Bicycle Company

Xie Yuyun was admitted to the Business Management Institute, she learned marketing and packaging concepts through classwork and on campus, and she also met her future partner.

When Xie Yuyun's parents were always busy with work, she had never learned to ride a bicycle. In order to pursue childhood happiness and make up for her childhood shortcomings, she made bikes for children.

Xie Yuyun has a deep understanding of the manufacturing process, going from the moment of mold opening to a product's final sale. She is capable of turning an idea into a product and can sell it around the world.

Xie Yuyun focused on the US toy market. The saturation in children's tricycles and other toys inspired them to create a two-in-one Trojan Horse and Tricycle, which is easy to combine or disassemble. This idea earned Xie Yuyun a toy design award.

Mobo's products include all age groups, from children to the elderly. There was a young man with autism who lived in Orange County and was very sad about losing his tricycle, who Xie Yuyun upgraded for him.

How did Mobo Cruiser Bicycle Company win a Golden Crown Award for the best company?

Xie learned about marketing and packaging at the USC Business School. Xie Yuyun had never ridden a bike and as a result, created the concept of for her children's bike brand.

Xie Yuyun understands the process of mold opening to manufacturing better than anyone.

Children's bikes are very common and as such, you need new ideas in order to be noticed. Xie Yuyun designed a "two-in-one" Trojan Horse and Tricycle which is easy to combine and disassemble. The idea originated from the fact that there are so many toys at home which take up too much space. The 2 in 1 Trojan horse tricycle not only saves storage space, but also extends the use time of the toy - 2 or 3-year-old children will soon stop riding their horrid horse, but they can still enjoy riding their trike. Xie's idea won her a toy design award.

Toy Design Award

Mobo Cruiser products, which include tricycles made for all age groups, can accommodate the needs of anyone. For example, one man with autism in Orange County had a previous tricycle that he loved dearly. But he needed an upgrade because he was growing up. Xie Yuyun heard about this and wanted to give him a new model without any limitations.

Xie shared a touching story of Robles, an autistic child in Orange County who lost his tricycle. To help Robles have a Merry Christmas and make sense of the loss, the company gave him an upgraded version of the toy car.

A preview of what is to come in episode 5 of Melody

Toys R Us closed down in 2017 after declaring bankruptcy, but they opened a new store in China that Xie Yuyun became the CEO of.

Previously, Xie Yuyun would see a drop in profit when big crises occurred in the toy industry. However, during the 2020 epidemic, her profits were not impacted because she had already prepared for the pandemic and was able to make use of new marketing strategies.

Unlike Mobo (go ahead), Xie Yuyun opened a medical beauty center in 2012 with more than 20 employees. She opened this medical institution in hopes that women can feel confident in their appearance and not feel inferior.

You can't just pass up on pursuing imitation. Plastic surgery is not always the best to pursue, but you should still be sincere with how you present yourself.

"Xie Yuyun said that dreams, persistence, and good partners have brought her to where she is today." She can do it and so can everyone.

When the epidemic hit, medical beauty centers couldn't open for a while. But Xie Yuyun was not discouraged by this. She studied laws and regulations, and then applied for public subsidies to help get up and running again.

Finally, she negotiated with the Hilton Hotel and opened her new center at the public swimming pool. The ingenious way of redefining herself as an epidemic-style business helped guests feel fresher walking in, with business gradually improving.

With the customer in danger, Xie Yuyun moved them to the swimming pool and seized the opportunity.

Success is not easy

The success of Xie Yuyun is not something that she achieved overnight. Her success came with a background of hard work. She starts her day by exercising in the morning and then goes to school for her children and does her job on Mobo Cruiser in the morning, then goes to a medical beauty center for work during the afternoon.

Entrepreneurship needs to maintain a clear goal, and then stick to it. It's important to stay focused on your work despite setbacks in the process while maintaining enthusiasm. It's also necessary to establish a close partnership with your employees and outside companies like factories.

Xie Yuyun is often advising entrepreneurs on how to make their companies thrive.

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